Computer Science Engineering

Year of Establishment: 2007

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) encompasses a variety of topics that relates to computation, like analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware. Computer Science engineering has roots in electrical engineering, mathematics, and linguistics. In the past Computer Science was taught as part of mathematics or engineering departments & in the recent days it has emerged as a separate engineering field.


Software Developers , Hardware Engineers ,System Designer , System Analyst,Networking Engineers ,DBA , etc..

All Courses Idea

Sno Photo Name Qualification Designation Mobileno
1Mrs.RAJALAKSHMIME(Ph.D)Assistant Professor 9444087898
2Mr.D.SasikumarMEAssistant Professor 9500542442
3Mr.E.KamalanathanMEAssistant Professor 960069754
4Mr.ParthasarathyMEAssistant Professor 9841708866
5Mrs.PartheebaMEAssistant Professor xxxxxxxxxx
6Mrs.VidhyaMEAssistant Professor xxxxxxxxxx
7Mr.P.M.SureshMEAssistant Professor 9940137138
8Mr.P.BaskaranMEAssistant Professor 9677242536
9Mr.SenthilkumarMEAssistant Professor 6383687051
Sno Admission Type Department Semester FeesYearly Fees
1 I Year CSE 1250025000
1 Lateral Entry CSE 1250025000
1 II Year CSE 1250025000
1 III Year CSE 1250025000
1 IV Year CSE 1250025000
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