Electronical Communication Engineering

Year of Establishment: 2001

Electronics Communication Engineering Department of P.T.Lee. Chengalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering Technology College is committed to impart technical education in the field of ECE. The Department of Electronics Communication Engineering focusing on Basic electronics, devices, Circuits, analog and digital communication concepts, Concept of electromagnetic field and their application, Linear and digital ICs, Computer fundamentals on hardware and software, Engineering mathematics, and Random process, Application to Biomedical Engineering through Digital signal processing and image processing and Embedded System.

Electronic communications engineers conceptualize, design, test and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems. They mainly work to integrate electronics and communications into any system they develop. These professionals might work for commercial, industrial, military or scientific companies. Examples of potential job titles include design engineer, electronics engineer and electrical design engineer.etc..

All Courses Idea

Sno Photo Name Qualification Designation Mobileno
1G.Sathish KumarME(ECE)Assistant Professor 9884817186
2S.PrabakaranME(ECE)Assistant Professor 9791292702
3Dr.S.YOGEESWARANM.E,P.hD.,Assistant Professor 9994667553
4S.MohanrajME(ECE)Assistant Professor 9442216204
5G.ChowdhriME(ECE)Assistant Professor 7339339148
6R.MamallanM.E.,M.B.A.,(P.hD., )Assistant Professor 9750227722
7P.KamalakkannanME(ECE)Assistant Professor 9362490452
Sno Admission Type Department Semester FeesYearly Fees
1 I Year ECE 1250025000
1 Lateral Entry ECE 1250025000
1 II Year ECE 1250025000
1 III Year ECE 1250025000
1 IV Year ECE 1250025000
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