Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Year of Establishment: 2004

The Department aims to impart Technical Education to students and satisfy all the requirements needed for the Industrial Environment.Being affiliated to the Anna University, the Electrical & Electronics Engineering department of the P.T.Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering & Technology follows their courses and syllabus prescribed by Anna University which focuses on the basic knowledge in the area of : AC and DC Machines, Control System, Power Electronics, Transmission and Distribution, Power System Analysis, Power System Control, High voltage Engineering, Solid State Drives and protection renewable education energy from wind, water & solar.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a growing and one of the most sought disciplines in the field of engineering study. It comprises with the electrical engineering and electronics engineering. It is originated by the electrical engineering. By the technically modernization of the world and computerization in our work field, it is necessary to use and understand the circuits and computerized devices in electrical & electronic field.etc..

All Courses Idea

Sno Photo Name Qualification Designation Mobileno
1Mrs.GomathyMEAssistant Professor/HOD 7339354047
2Mr.B.RajapagalavanME(Ph.D)Assistant Professor 8870974197
3Mrs.K.PoonkodiMEAssistant Professor 9790002441
4Mr.C.RagupathiME(Ph.D)Assistant Professor 9790002441
5Mr.V.VijayavaguMEAssistant Professor 8015637429
6Mr.M.BharaniMTechAssistant Professor 8072210588
7Mr.SaravananMEAssistant Professor 8072210588
Fees Details of EEE
Sno Admission Type Department Semester FeesYearly Fees
1 I Year EEE 1250025000
1 Lateral Entry EEE 1250025000
1 II Year EEE 1250025000
1 III Year EEE 1250025000
1 IV Year EEE 1250025000
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